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most beautiful baths in indonesia

parulian nainggolan : the air gets cold makes us more fresh for swimming.
you may wonder why i say that. hehehe
 let us discuss further.
.its location in berastagi city-medan-sumatera utara-indonesia. ei hot water of sidebuk-debuk.

this place is under the volcano sibayak, upssss  don't be afraid. this monintain is no longer active hehe.

sidebuk debuk berastagi
sidebuk debuk berastagi 1

sidebuk debuk berastagi 2sidebuk debuk berastagi 3

sidebuk debuk berastagi 4

here are many hot spring bath of course we have to pay to get in first. but the cost issue you don't need to worry because here the cost is cheap.

sidebuk-debuk is a hot water bath containing sulfur.
sulfur is very good for health, is believed to cure itchy skin.
sidebuk debuk berastagi 5

sidebuk debuk berastagi 6

sidebuk debuk berastagi 7

sidebuk debuk berastagi 8

sidebuk debuk berastagi 9

swimming is distinguished from hot slight water and moderatey hot water at the same location and don't need to pay again because we only have to pay when entering the locatin only..hehe

it's a very beautiful place, the tourist are many who come here, they say very happy and comfortablein this place, i think you also have to visit and try this place. guaranteed you will not regret. with a warm atmosphere and music plus snacks would make you be nice.
i always visit this places (sidebuk-debuk)  for its beauty. what do you think when i am saying about this place??

me must finish my article, and before i close this article..i want t say thank you for visiting us. and don't forget for leave comment.

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