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the most beautiful tourist park. that is GUNDALING in berastagi,kab.karo- indonesia

parulian nainggolan : hai viewers,for this discussions,i will discuss the tourist spot where tourism is specific to the view from the top of the mountain and of course very suitable to enjoying about berastagi city. this is usually where the most crowded in the evenings but many also during the day.


gundaling 1
gundaling 2
gundaling 3

if we look from gundaling  will see the beauty of  the berastagi city and also greenery among the mountains.

this place is also surrounded by a magnificent hotels and other tourist park.
people here are also very friendly, you can also take a special horse to be rented to you at an affordable cost. hmmm certainly  very pleasant when you come to this place. besides here is also a lot of orange and strawberry plantations. you can pick directly into the garden. here the air is also very cool and fresh.
gundaling 4
gundaling 5
gundaling 6

until our discussion here about Gundaling. if there are any questions please contact us and dont  forget to comment .. thank you very much

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