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The Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World

parulian nainggolan


indonesian country is a country that is very rich in natural resources, good and mining. indonesia is also an island nation.
yupzz here i will share information about the lake in indonesia
let's see well either, who knows you are interested.

lake toba is a large lake with an island, namely the island of samosir, very bautiful scenery make this lake is in the interest of tourists.
surrounded by mountains and a gentle breeze that blows makes the atmosphere,here very comfortable plus clean water and blue. hmmm cetainly very beautiful rught?
here are still attackhed condensed about costums, and people are also very friendly...

lake toba

lake toba 1

lake toba 2

lake toba 3

bule menari batak

if only to  visit the lake just does not seem complete if you do not come to the waterfall sipiso-piso.
locared just above lake toba in the area tongging.
waterfall is also  brazilians tourist attractions around lake toba.
if you go there i am sure you will never be greater sorry. but you would be sad if you want to go from there...

air terjun sipiso piso

air terjun sipiso piso 1

air terjun sipiso piso 3

so firstexplanation from me, if want to know more about the nature in indonesia, i will explain in another time.. if there are any questions please leave your comments below. hehehe thank you very much for coming

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